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Whether you’re buying your very first home, are remortgaging or looking to move… our mortgages are designed to work for you.
As the UK’s leading residential specialist mortgage lender*, we’ve always seen things differently when it comes to customers looking for a mortgage.  We celebrate individuality and specialise in mortgage applications the High Street lenders call ‘non-standard.’ We see those cases as standard because we know that life never follows a straight line.  So when Climb Specialist Mortgages submits your application to us, our flexible lending criteria and specialist underwriters mean we can look beyond the black and white of an application form, and focus on the shades in-between, so they make the right decision based on your circumstances and that’s right for you.  
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Free valuations and no legal fees for remortgages

Up to 100% of regular overtime / bonus considered

Investment and second job income allowable 

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                                                                             *Source: – Twenty7Tec Mortgage Illustrations – June – Nov 2018

At Kensington, we specialise in helping customers from those that work in the Gig economy, Self employed or entrepreneurs… take a look below to see if we are right for you! 

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When it comes to the self-employed, we always look at the bigger picture  

Our Self-employed mortgages are designed with an inclusive lending criteria to accommodate all types of self-employees; from the sole trader to the company director.  You usually only need 12 months of accounts for our underwriters to perform an affordability assessment, and don’t worry if you’ve only recently started a Limited Company, we’ll still consider your application.   
We know how hard it can be when you work for yourself, so we work just as hard to help your broker make our mortgages work for you. 

A helping hand to buy a new build home

We’re passionate about giving people the opportunity to own their own homes so we’re right behind the Government’s Help to Buy Equity Loan scheme.  The loans are available in England (including the London scheme) and Wales. They aim to help both first time buyers and home movers with deposits of at least 5% buy a new build home.

We have a dedicated team of underwriting experts and our lending criteria enables us to look at your application even if you’re self-employed, a contractor or you have a less than perfect credit score. 

Let us help you open the door to your ambitions

Getting the keys to your first home is one of those moments you’ll always remember, but getting a mortgage isn’t always easy.  That's why we try to make things a little easier for our First Time Buyers.  We don’t only rely on credit scoring to make our decisions; we have a team of expert underwriters trained to take account of those individual circumstances that can often make all the difference.  

With a lending criteria that’s flexible and a wide range of products such as Help to Buy, Right to Buy and high loan to value (LTV), we can consider your application even if you’re self-employed or have multiple or variable income.  If you only have a 5% deposit or less than perfect credit, we won’t hold that against you either.  It’s our way of helping mortgage brokers help you get that all important first step on the housing ladder.

For when only new will do

There are times in life when previously owned is not enough.   We want shiny and new, a place we can put our own stamp on.   If you’re reading this and nodding your head, our New Build Residential mortgage could be what you’ve been waiting for.  
It’s designed with flexible lending criteria which means that when your mortgage broker sends us your application we can consider more circumstances than you may have thought possible. 

We take account of your future earnings, not just your present

When you’ve spent years qualifying for a profession that’s going to take you places, you don’t want to have to spend years waiting to tick all the boxes on a mortgage application form.  With our Bright Futures mortgage range you shouldn't have to as we've tailored it to meet the needs of young professionals.   Our lending criteria offers enhanced affordability to recognise the fact that some professions like doctors, solicitors and commercial pilots carry greater earning potential than others. To qualify, you just need to be registered with the appropriate UK professional body and practicing in your specific field.

We try to be as flexible as the way you work

If you’re a contractor you’re ahead of the curve because the way you work today could be how the rest of us will be working in the future.   Our Contractor mortgages could be seen as ahead of the curve too because we don’t expect you to change the way you work just to get a mortgage.  That’s why our mortgages come with inclusive lending criteria to help your broker find the right mortgage for the lifestyle you lead.  

Forward thinking mortgages for the young at heart

If there’s one certainty in life, it’s that we’re all going to grow older, but we don’t believe that should put a brake on our ambitions.  That’s why we’ve created our Enjoyable Futures mortgage for borrowers over the age of 55 who want to take their mortgage into retirement and beyond the age of 75.  You can choose from two, five and 10-year fixed term rates, and a mortgage of up to 70% loan-to-value on a repayment basis, with a maximum age of 89 at the end of your payment term.   It’s just another way we’re committed to helping our customers get a mortgage, whatever their age. 

If you’ve got a failed credit score, we’ll do what we can to help

Getting into financial difficulties is something that can happen to all of us at some point.   A black mark on your credit file, loan defaults, and CCJs are just some of the reasons you may have failed a credit score, which can make getting a mortgage harder.  

Our Options range of mortgages has flexible lending criteria and because we use human underwriters we can look beyond your credit score.  We can consider more circumstances than high street lenders so your broker can work with you to find the mortgage that suits your needs. 


For the dream home you need a higher value mortgage for 

If you’re looking to buy a higher value home on loans from £500K to £2m, why not ask your broker about our Premier mortgage range. We assign one of our expert underwriters to personally liaise with your broker to get a full understanding of your circumstances.  Our flexible lending criteria enables us to look at your full affordability which means that we can include up to 100% of your income, including any bonuses. 

We’re not fazed if you’re self-employed or a contractor, we’ll still take your earnings into account, and if you’re a sole director we’ll look at your latest’s year’s figures and company profits.  

Our multiple income mortgages were created for you if you have more than one income – whether that’s several jobs, or a passion project you work on in your spare time.   When your mortgage broker sends us your application form we don’t automatically see problems if you have multiple or complex sources of income.  Our underwriters just see an opportunity to use their expertise to carefully assess your circumstances, and with our flexible lending criteria we can look at cases that traditional lenders usually don’t consider. 

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